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Management team SpayVac (experienced with pZP vaccine)

Mark A. Fraker, CWB, RPBio

VP, Operations 

Mr. Fraker has worked for more than 40 years as a wildlife biologist in Canada and the USA. He spent much of the first half of his career researching the ecology and behavior of Arctic marine mammals, particularly bowhead and beluga whales. Since 1998, he has focused on applications of fertility control to manage the growth of populations of large mammals. Mr. Fraker conducted the first trials of SpayVac® contraceptive vaccine on a terrestrial wildlife species, fallow deer, later extending this work to white-tailed and black-tailed deer, wild horses, and African elephants. Following the first trial—no treated fallow deer became pregnant over three years—he became convinced that SpayVac®, as a long-lasting, single-dose contraceptive vaccine, has great potential for addressing significant wildlife management issues. His research on wild horses and African elephants has been in collaboration with Dr. Bechert.

Dr. Urusula Bechert, DVM

Ursula Bechert, DVM, PhD

VP, Research and Development

Dr. Bechert worked as a veterinarian in private practice and at a free-ranging wildlife park for several years prior to earning her PhD in reproductive endocrinology. She has been conducting research for the past 20 years with interests in the reproductive physiology of endangered species, development of novel diagnostic and population management tools, as well as nutritional and pharmacokinetic studies with wildlife. Dr. Bechert and Mr. Fraker have collaborated on research to explore the effects of SpayVac in wild horses and African elephants. Dr. Bechert also works in academia developing new professional graduate programs in science. LinkedIn Profile

Tom D'Orazio, MBA


Originally an organic chemist, Mr. D'Orazio has spent the last twenty-plus years in business development, sales, marketing and strategic planning.  He has co-founded two pharmaceutical companies and led an IPO.  He has also worked for notable companies Merck and Pfizer.  LinkedIn Profile