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SpayVac pZP vaccine for wild horses, burros and deer - learn more here.


SpayVac® is a humane, non-lethal, environmentally friendly, single-dose innovation used for overabundant, mammalian wildlife.

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Humans have had a profound impact on Earth’s ecosystems

 The Anthropocene is proposed as the current epoch, which is “viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment”.  Many wildlife species, even if they are considered endangered, are overabundant in the ever-shrinking habitat ranges they occupy.

SpayVac®: A humane alternative

Overabundant species, even native ones, can reduce biodiversity by monopolizing resources, spreading infectious diseases, and changing species composition or relative abundance.

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Latest News

SpayVac for Wildlife Announces Laboratory Space Agreement with University of Victoria

May 13, 2019.  SpayVac-for-Wildlife Inc. has an agreement to use lab space on the campus of University of Victoria.  For more information click the "Find Out More" button below.  This agreement is important in that it gives SFW Inc. a place to manufacture batches of vaccine and develop additional vaccines in its pipeline.

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Cofounders speaking at upcoming wildlife conferences.

May 2, 2019.  Dr Ursula Bechert and Mr Mark Fraker are in demand to speak at wildlife conferences on the topic of SpayVac.  They will be co-presenting data on SpayVac in wild horses at the Managing Free-roaming Equids and Sustainable Ecosystem conference in Reno, NV being held May 29-31, 2019.  

Mr. Fraker will be speaking on SpayVac at the 37th Annual Native American Fish & Wildlife Society Annual Meeting on May 20, 2019 in Phoenix AZ. 

Interest in SpayVac is very high as reflected by the demand for Mr Fraker and Dr Bechert to share information on SpayVac for leading wildlife control authorities around the world. 

SpayVac for Wildlife Inc completes manufacturing of conformance batches of vaccine

April 22, 2019.  SFW Inc has completed the manufacturing of its conformance batches of pZP vaccine.  A key part of its submission for EPA approval is the production And demonstration of consistent manufacturing methods.  With this important milestone successfully completed, the company has moved past one of the last steps before being able to submit to the EPA for US approval of its pZP vaccine.  SpayVac is the only contraceptive vaccine that has successful demonstrated long-lasting fertility control with a single dose.  

SpayVac® pZP Vaccine Development

Urban Deer

The only pZP vaccine to demonstrate up to 5 years of efficacy in deer is using a single-dose is SpayVac®.  Trials with SpayVac have been done in both white-tail deer and fallow deer. 

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Other Mammalian Populations

SpayVac® has been tested in several invasive or overabundant mammalian wildlife species.

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Wild Horses

SpayVac® has been tested in three trials in horses demonstrating reduced fertility rates over a 2-5 year time frame with a single dose.

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