Market Forces Demand Game-Changing Fertility Control

Wild and feral animals

STAGE 1: Wild Animals.

Aquaculture and agricultural production animals

STAGE 2: Aquaculture and production animals In agriculture.

Companion animals

STAGE 3: Companion Animals

Three-Stage Development Strategy for fertility-control vaccines: Fast, Efficient, Cost Effective

SpayVac for Wildlife Inc. is initiating its first Stage-2 development program in 2024.
Stage -1: SpayVac for Wildlife Inc. has completed Stage-1 fertility-control trials withSpayVac® (pZP vaccine) in horses, and deer.  We are  working through the process of filing for regulatory approval for these species.
Stage-2: Trials are scheduled to begin in farm-raised rainbow trout and farm-raised Atlantic salmon.
To learn more about the excellent clinical trial results with SpayVac pZP vaccines go to our R&D page.


The Key is Antigen Presentation to Immune Cells

SpayVac is formulated in patented, leading-edge delivery platforms that are the cornerstone of our vaccine development pipeline. SpayVac has exclusive global rights for use in animals for fertility control. The platform is called VacciMax. It is a patented vaccine delivery formulation that provides controlled and prolonged exposure of antigens plus adjuvant to the immune system. The result is a strong, specific, and sustained immune response with the capability for single-dose effectiveness. It offers a robust and scalable engine for delivering many different targets that activate and direct immunocontraception in a controlled, impactful way.

Why this matters?

The proprietary advantage starts with a groundbreaking delivery formulation that is a powerful mechanism to present the pZP antigen in the case of SpayVac to the animal’s immune system, and sustain this presentation over a long timeframe. This platform utilizes a proprietary, extraordinarily stable “NO-RELEASE” delivery system utilizing highly engineered liposomes, which mitigates the propensity for antigens to break down, thereby extending the stimulation of the immune response.
SpayVac pZP vaccine is in the EPA approval process for horses and deer. Once approved we will be able to get future vaccines approved more quickly.