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SpayVac pZP vaccine for wild horses, burros and deer - learn more here.

Current SpayVac Projects

Validation Batch

We manufactured our validation batch the last week of June 2018.  We are currently doing our validation before releasing the batch.  This is a major milestone for the company.

EPA Filing

We are currently in the process of EPA filing for SpayVac pZP vaccine. We intend to file in 4Q 2018. 

Field Trial - Wildhorses

SpayVac pZP vaccine testing projects-- updates published soon.

Urban Deer Trial

Although four studies demonstrate single-dose efficacy in both white-tail and fallow deer species, we would be interested in partnering with a group to optimize administration practices.  Please contact us if you are interested.  mark@spayvac.com

Other Projects

[updated TBD]