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Current SpayVac Projects

Validation Batch

We are about to create a batch of SpayVac vaccine to validate our process. As part of the the validation process we are going to be testing antibody response in horses and deer.

EPA Filing

We are seeking proposals from groups experienced with submission of  registration dossiers to the EPA.  We will only review those who have experience and references with products registered under FIFRA.  We will give strong consideration to those who have done a pest control application for mammals.

Field Trial - Wildhorses

SpayVac pZP vaccine testing projects-- updates published soon.

Urban Deer Trial

Although four studies demonstrate single-dose efficacy in both white-tail and fallow deer species, we would be interested in partnering with a group to optimize administration practices.  Please contact us if you are interested.  mark@spayvac.com

Other Projects

[updated TBD]