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  • Immunovaccine license agreement for exclusive use of DepoVax® and VacciMax for use in developing contraceptive vaccines for feral, invasive, and overabundant mammal populations.

Important News Relevant to pZP Vaccine and Immunocontraception

SpayVac for Wildlife Inc. announces exclusive global licensing agreement with Immunovaccine Inc. to commercialize SpayVac®, a long-acting pZP vaccine for wild horses, urban deer and other overabundant mammal populations. 

April 23, 2018. Madison, WI, USA; Victoria, BC, Canada; and Halifax, NS Canada

SpayVac-for-Wildlife, Inc., announced today an agreement with Immunovaccine, Inc. (TSX:IMV) (OTC:IMMVF) who granted them a license to two proprietary vaccine delivery platforms, VacciMax® and DepoVax™.  SpayVac-for-Wildlife, Inc. (SFW Inc.) will use these platforms to develop immunocontraceptive vaccines for use in populations of overabundant, feral and invasive mammals. SFW Inc.’s mission is to commercialize humane birth control tools for these over abundant populations.

SFW Inc. will produce and market SpayVac®, a pZP vaccine, using both of IMV’s proprietary VacciMax and DepoVax platforms. SFW Inc. will have global exclusive rights to use both of these platforms to develop humane, immunocontraceptive vaccines for control of overabundant, feral and invasive wildlife populations. 

“This is an exciting milestone for this company,” said Mark Fraker, co-founder and Vice President of Operations for SpayVac for Wildlife Inc. “I have worked closely with IMV for many years on developing the SpayVac pZP vaccine. We are now ready to get the product to market.”

Added Dr. Ursula Bechert, co-founder and Vice President of Research, “We have seen outstanding results using IMV’s VacciMax and DepoVax delivery platforms in our research trials. We believe these patented formulations are the key factor that gives SpayVac its superior efficacy and differentiates SpayVac as the only single-dose, long-acting immunocontraceptive option out there.”

About SpayVac for Wildlife Inc. (SFW Inc.)

SpayVac for Wildlife Inc is a company dedicated to bringing humane, immunocontraceptive solutions to market in order to control overabundant and feral mammal populations. SpayVac pZP vaccine has been tested in wild horses, deer, seals, and elephants. It is the only vaccine to demonstrate long-term contraception with a single-dose vaccination schedule. SpayVac is expected to be commercially available

For more information contact Mark Fraker at (877) 510-6812. 

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