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Invest in better immunocontraception with pZP vaccine

Investment Thesis

  • Proof of concept complete with over eight studies demonstrating fertility control in wildlife field trials
  • Clear development pathway
  • EPA approval expected by 1Q 2019
  • Revenue can be generated quickly
  • Positive ROI and ROE 
  • Commercial-ready in one year from closing on funding means cashflow can fund life-cycle management and portfolio expansion to develop vaccines for other species without need for additional dilutive funding
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Opportunity / Unmet Need

  • Immunocontraception has immediate application in control of overabundant wild horse populations and urban deer. 
  • Wild horses are not native to the American West. Since they have no natural predators and low mortality rates,their population is growing by roughly 15% per year. In many areas where wild horses are prevalent, their numbers are high enough to upset the delicate balance of the environment.  
  • Urban deer cause billions of dollars of economic damage in densely populated areas.  They are difficult to relocate and hunting is not a viable option for population control in densely populated areas. 

Use of Proceeds and Development Plan


  • Create, standardize and validate manufacturing protocol 
  • Compile submission dossier for EPA
  • QA:Manufacture batches to affirm antibody response and release specs
  • Field testing of SpayVac immunocontraception with potential customers
  • Vaccination of additional overabundant species to expand usage to a greater number of species
  • Develop other immunocontraceptive vaccines for feral cats and feral dogs

We are seeking investors

SpayVac for Wild seeks investors and partners

We are ambitious and would like to fund as much development as possible into pZP immunocontraception and other methods of immunocontraception.  Please contact us if you are interested in being part of this exciting opportunity.

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